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  About Turkana Complex and possessing an extraordinary depth and detail, this unique textile stems from an original, carved paper composition created while the artist was in residence in Africa. When arranged into repeat and colorized, the result is a dramatic fabric that truly defies description, providing a haunting dimensionality that recalls the work of […]


About Shagreen Plucked directly from nature, this alluring pattern is actually a close inspection of the cellular structure of plant life. Yet when exploded and arranged into repeat, what emerged was a strong reference to shagreen, the tinted and polished skin of the stingray, which enjoyed extreme popularity during the Art Deco period. Imagine this […]


About Ring Organic in origin, Ring suggests the classical appearance of faux bois with a contemporary spin. We looked to the colors of various wood finishes for inspiration, the end result being useful interpretations of driftwood and Macassar Ebony along with an ever-popular porcelain blue for a fabric that is both masculine and timeless with […]


About Amazon As mysterious as it is essential to the very ethos of South America, the Amazon River has captivated artists, writers, and adventurers with its infinite sensory experiences. We examined the shapes and colors that caught our eye during one of our many excursions… and created this complex pattern. In one version, we see […]

Glyph Dream

About Glyph Dream Inspired by an original woodcarving, this unique pattern recalls the organic elegance of a gilded cork veneer with an alluring patina. Although tribal in nature, the application on velvet couldn’t be more refined, with an extraordinary illusion of depth and texture. This luxurious textile is the perfect choice for a distinguished library […]