MODRA was founded by artists passionate about bringing fine art to the market via textiles.

MODRA Studio represents a whole new way of thinking about decorative textiles and wallcoverings. Born out of raw nature and reared in our artists’ studios through extraordinary works of painting and sculpture, the MODRA Studio collection is at once organic yet polished, contemporary, and wildly sophisticated, opening up a wide range of possibilities to the experienced interior designer or architect looking for something new.

At our core, we are painters, sculptors, and photographers who all have a deep love for extraordinary interior design and architecture. We have chosen to express ourselves through the medium of textiles and wallcoverings, bringing our special point of view to the professional designer for their consideration. While we call Southern California our home, we see the world as our studio, and travel extensively in search of compelling motifs for our patterns. We hope that our unique take on this most traditional aspect of décor will inspire and delight both designers and clients alike.

Our textiles and wallcoverings clearly push the boundaries of what we typically think of for upholstery, draperies and decorative accessories. But as our lives have become less conventional, so have our homes and workplaces. There are new spatial relationships, volumetrics, and usages to explore as both residential and commercial buildings have changed and grown and set room identities have been redefined.

We invite you to explore the unique offerings of MODRA Studio. We admit that we see things differently – and hope that you, the professional designer, will in turn be inspired to create environments as special as the natural world that gifted us with these spectacular motifs.




Tamalyn Shea

Tamalyn Shea was inspired to create Modra after a trip to Bali. While there, she visited a remote village to see an antique double ikat – a rare and ancient style of weaving. This experience, combined with a B.A. in Design from UCLA and a career in advertising print production, helped fulfill her lifelong dream of merging textiles with a creative studio. Her work is influenced by the role textiles have played in world culture, and she has a thoughtful sense of color, depth, pattern and detail.




Fernando is a film director, artist, and composer whose work has been created and exhibited internationally. His visual style merges unique processes (stereoscopy, light projection, life casting, drawing and puppeteering) with surrealism and sculpture. He directed the music video for Pearl Jam‘s Life Wasted, which earned a nomination for “Best Special Effects” at the MTV Video Music Awards 2006. Fernando had his first major solo exhibition at Phillips de Pury & Company, New York in 2005, which premiered over sixty artworks in bronze, glass, leather, charcoal and hair, that he created during his residency at photographer Peter Beard’s ranch in Kenya.

Fernando graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Pepperdine University, studied printmaking and figure painting at the SACI Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, and attended SCI-ARC (the Southern California Institute of Architecture). Many of his works draw inspiration from folk and primitive art, and he experiments with unique approaches to visual media.




Sarah Shea

An accomplished painter, sculptor and designer, Sarah Shea explores themes and mediums with an experimental approach. The delicate line quality in her drawings capture the mercurial feel of processes found in nature. Fractal geometry, erosion, layering, water and plant formations are frequent subjects portrayed in her carefully executed abstractions. Sarah creates additional dimension to her work by integrating a myriad of disciplines, including ceramics, figure drawing, printmaking, etching, pen and ink, and photography. Her intricate renderings of natural textures and organic elements play an integral role in her work.

She is the creator of “Textures and Textiles”, a blog which celebrates the intersection of culture, fine art, textiles and high fashion. Sarah graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Design Communication from the University of Southern California. She also studied figure drawing, advanced painting, and printmaking at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy.